Wagner Power Painter: Paint Jobs Made Easier And Faster

Are you a do-it-yourself type of homeowner? Do you prefer to do all the work as much as possible to save with the costs? Well, having the right materials is as much important as having the right tools for it. And when it comes to paint jobs, it is indeed an easy and doable job. However, with the help of Wagner Power Painter, you will be able to finish any paint job in just a breeze.

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Features and Models

The Wagner Power Painter is a paint sprayer tool with a dual tip technology that helps the user finishes a painting job fast without having to pick up a brush. It is three times as fast as the typical paintbrush and provides better and smooth results. It comes with a convenient quart pump where the paint comes from and goes out through a piston pump. It does an even paint job even for hard to reach places where you can’t even out using a simple paintbrush such as shutters, fences, lattices among others.

Cool Wagner Power Painter Pro For Fast and Smart Paint

Among the most popular models of Wagner Power Painter are Wagner Power Painter Plus and Wagner Power Painter Pro, which are both run by electricity and are loaded with a speed technology that will certainly make any paint job get done in a few hours instead of days. Certainly you will be able to cut the costing when you use this.

How To Use Wagner Power Painter Plus

Usage and Painting Tips

Here are some tips that you ought to follow to make the most out of your power painter.

  • Spraying levels can be adjusted from level 1 to 4. The lesser the level, the more control you have over the spray. On the other hand, the higher the level, the faster you would be able to work. So test it first on a draft wall or surface so you would know how to adjust when using it.
  • The power painter has a control knob at the rear, which is used for controlling the pattern of your spray whether it is wider or narrower, depending on how you would like the paint to look like. In collaboration with the spraying level, you should adjust the knob more as the speed goes faster.
  • Practice the control of your hands so you would know how farther you would spray it or how fast your hands should move so as not to put too much paint on an area where you want thinner paint on.
  • Before you squeeze the trigger, start moving your hand over the area where you would want the paint on. Make sure that the speed of your hand should move at constant speed. Also, before you end a stroke, you should already release the trigger to make a nice even stroke.


Find Affordable Wagner Wide Shot Power Painter Parts

The Wagner Power Painter is indeed worth the money you have to pay for it. In addition, Wagner Power Painter parts are readily available in various online and local stores if you need one of these parts. If you do the calculation, the cost of a one-time painting job is just close to the price of this tool; however, the difference is that you get to keep the tool and use it again when you need repainting.